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The establishment of the Body Corporate books, records and administrative procedures in accordance with legislation prior to the appointment of the Body Corporate Manager are as follows:

Establish body corporate records:-

  • Minute books
  • Roll
  • Books of account
  • Computerised accounting records
  • Body Corporate bank accounts including a micro-encoded deposit facility for each owner/proprietor
  • Computerised address labels of owners/proprietors and mortgagees
  • Computerised purchaser and owner/proprietor certificates
  • Bulk electricity/utilities invoicing system
  • Arrange for the common seal
  • Obtain quotations for insurances
  • Prepare draft budgets
  • Calculate levies and issue levy notices
  • Establish document file for inaugural meetings
  • Establish body corporate annual timetable in accordance with legislation
  • Convene and attend the first general meeting and prepare minutes of that meeting
  • Arrange Income Tax File and Australian Business Numbers
  • Arrange Workers Compensation Policy
  • Arrange Workplace Heath & Safety registration
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