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Ernst Body Corporate Management (Ernst) has successfully been managing buildings since 1979. Ernst has earned its reputation as an industry leader by working with a team of highly qualified professionals committed to delivering exceptional service to all clients and anyone who has an interest/investment in the Strata Community.

With extensive experience managing all types of properties, Ernst’s portfolio includes a range of Townhouses, Villas, Estates, Sky rises, Islands, Multi-story apartments, Mixed-use properties, Commercial, Retail and hotels.

Ernst is large enough to have an extensive support team with a range of skills and knowledge to serve your scheme and small enough to provide personalised service. Our team of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals are waiting to assist your community.

A rich history originating as a division of Ernst & Young. The spirit of transparency, accountability and professionalism in dealing with clients still are the core principles of Ernst today.

A Smarter Communities Limited Company

Ernst is owned by Smarter Communities Limited. Smarter Communities is one of the largest Community Management companies in Australia, with over $30 billion of properties under management nationally through its five key brands, Ernst Body Corporate Management, Challenge Strata Management, Adelaide Strata and Community Management, Strata Title Management, and Victoria Body Corporate Services.

Collectively, our vision is to provide smarter solutions for people living and invested in communities.

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